Slides from Sunflower Genome Consortium Meeting at PAG 2016

Presenter, AffiliationTitleDownload
L. Rieseberg, UBCIntroductions and project overview Download
L. Rieseberg, UBCDevelopment and characterization of multi-species mapping populations Download
L. Donovan, UGAPhenotyping in large-scale screens Download
L. Gao, UBCPhenotyping in large-scale screens: flooding stress Download
R. Masalia, UGAPhenotyping in large-scale screens: osmotic stress Download
J. Burke, UGAPhenotyping in large-scale screens: salt stress Download
D. Burge, UBCPopulation genomics of abiotic stress adaptation in the wild Download
E. Marden, UBCGE3LS International Treaties and Use of Plant Genetic Resources Download
S. Hubner, UBCVariant calling and association mapping pipeline Download