Slides from Sunflower Genome Consortium Meeting at PAG 2015

Presenter, AffiliationTitleDownload
L. Rieseberg, UBCIntroductions and project overview Download
C. Grassa, UBCSunflower Genome Download
N. Langdale, INRABridging Physiological and Evolutionary Time Scales in a Gene Regulatory Network Download
N. Langlade, INRAEvaluation of PacBio Sequencing to improve the sunflower genome assembly Download
A. Bewick, UGAA first look at the cultivated sunflower (Helianthus annuus [L.]) methylome Download
S. Carrere, INRAHelianthus annuus genome annotation Download
E. Staton, UBCShared patterns of repeat composition in Helianthus provide insight into the history of sunflower genomes Download