Slides from Sunflower Genome Consortium Meeting at PAG 2014

Presenter, AffiliationTitleDownload
L. Rieseberg, UBCIntroductions and project overview Download
C. Grassa, UBCStatus of the Genome Assembly Download
A. DeBono, UBCFactors Influencing Sunflower Transformation and Propogation Download
J. Gouzy, INRAAnnotation Update and Genome Browser Overview Download
F. Raftis, UBCDemo of New Sunflower Genome Webpage (HTML presentation with outdated demo site)NA
N. Langlade, INRAINRA Participation Overview Download
J. Mandel, UGAAssociation Mapping and Re-sequencing Updates Download
N. Chaidir, UBCBioinformatic Localization of Telomeric and Centromeric Regions in Sunflower Genome Download
A. Bewick, UGACNV Across the Cultivated Sunflower Gene Pool Download