Slides from Sunflower Genome Consortium Meeting at PAG 2013

Presenter, AffiliationTitleDownload
L. Rieseberg, UBCIntroductions and project overview Download
J. Bowers, UGAGenetic map of sunflower genome based on SNP and SFP markers Download
C. Grassa, UBCWebsite and sequence-based genetic map Download
N. Kane, UBC / U. ColoradoPhysical map and genome assembly Download
T. Nguyen, UBCIntegration of genetic & physical maps with WGS assemblies Download
N. Langlade, INRATranscriptome portal Download
S. Carrere, INRAAnnotation and genome browser Download
E Staton, UGATransposable element accumulation and repeat composition of sunflower genome Download
D. Ebert, UBCSunflower mitochondrial genome assembly Download
G. Baute, UBCTranscriptome sequencing and sunflower domestication and improvement Download